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Capitalism VS. Communism Debate


Communism Will Rule All

This site is for Mrs. Freeman's Class and to aid them in the Capitalist vs. Communist Debate. I admit, I am a little biased tward the the Commie side of the debate. I have made a collection of forums to debate out of class. Have fun with them and keep it clean

There are three Message Boards for the site there is the Debate Forum which is the prime spot for debate. Next is the Communist Forum, here you can share ideas for rebuttals and more. Lastly is the Capitalist Forum, discuss stradegy and more here, only at

A good idea would be to tell your fellow classmates about the site, for it can help you see where everyone else is at in there debates and build off and work with other's ideas

We Here At CapComDebate Feel All Warm And Fuzzy Over You Choosing Us Over Brand X.


Any Questions or Comments? E-Mail Me!